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On February 20, 2018 a Pennsylvania HSPO officer entered the home of a PA resident, a Shiloh Shepherd breeder, and found 20 Dogs, 17 of which were Shiloh Shepherds in horrendous condition. They were skeletons with open sores and what coat they had left had feces embedded into it to such a degree many had to be shaved down. Some of these dogs had been locked in crates  in a dark and filthy basement for up to two years without ever being taken outside, fed or watered properly or even touched by a human hand. Their cages had to be broken into because they had been unopened for so long. The owner/breeder surrendered all but three of the dogs to the HSPO that night. These dogs were dispersed among at least 5 different rescue groups most seeking Vet care. It was our understanding the breeder/owner would receive at least 20 counts of cruelty/neglect charges but to date has only received 3 charges. Please follow the link below to read more about this case and to help these dogs find justice and sign the petition...


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